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AC Milan : Barcelona 1:1
Time:2013/10/23 1:18:21    
Beijing on October 23 morning, the Champions League in the third round of dialogue giants , AC Milan a 1-1 draw at home to Barcelona , Barcelona continues to lead with seven points , followed by Milan 5 minutes . Robinho Kaka assists to break the deadlock , Messi equalized .

Competition Focus

Allegri evolutions, Robinho as a single arrow , double playmaker Kaka partner with Bielsa , Barcelona , the campaign served as the Barcelona captain Xavi, his first Champions League played 140 times , beyond the 139 field Martti Nigeria ranked third Champions League history .

Champions League Messi launched into his first 63 balls, scorer from the Champions League history, head Ming Laoer worse 8-ball. Argentines have six career break Milan goal , tying Rooney goal to become the Champions League era to break Heijun the highest number of players. This was his second time in the city of Milan to score, warfare broke at the San Siro for the first time .

Robinho first ball launched into the Champions League this season , the Brazilian first career goal to break Barcelona , Real Madrid after he represents five times , five times on behalf of a total of 10 battle Milan Barcelona has never been to the ball . This is also the last four years old will Real Madrid 3rd goal against Barcelona in the Champions League after the 2009-10 season Sneijder ( Inter Milan ) ,2012 -13 season, Robben has done .

Kaka back after the first positive performance , which he in November 2007 , after fighting off Benfica , Milan in the Champions League for the first time, dedication assists. Finally off hair force habit Milan , the ball is in the Champions League this season they scored the first time in the 82 minutes before ( total 4 balls ) .


7 minutes , Robinho Zhisai Muntari low shot broke the restricted area on the left , but the goal was offside former Milan midfielder . 9 minutes, Javier Mascherano rescue mistakes , Robinho steals Road-point shot , Kaka clever cross-knock back middle left , Robinho Tongshe break 1-0. The first 19 minutes , Messi on the right small-angle free kick from outside the area hit the side net .

The first 23 minutes , Barca midfield steals , Iniesta middle ball forward ball, Messi cut inside the restricted area on the right spike , low shot goal bottom right corner , 1-1. After 37 minutes , Sanchez offside volley ejection, Amelia ball Puxia . Before halftime , Neymar left the restricted area dipped slightly far post .

52 minutes, Muntari biography, Robinho was a good opportunity did not single-handedly stopped the ball. The first 55 minutes , Harvey Zhise, Iniesta after extraordinary pole low shot was saved by Amelia . The first 70 minutes , Adriano side kick volley at close range
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