Roof shingles in different shapes and materials

The original wooden shingle was temporarily replaced by other materials, but is today experiencing a renaissance as part of sustainable construction. Alternatively, today similarly shaped products made of aluminum, Eternit, granite, slate, copper or bitumen are available. The classic form of shingles is usually elongated, rectangular, rounded on the short side of the rectangle or pointed. In particular, the Eternit and bitumen shingles offer a large selection of surface textures and colors, for example in wood look. The bitumen shingles are ideal for self-publishing and are therefore particularly interesting for experienced home improvement and home improvement workers. They have a low weight and are easy to handle. This building material is ideal for covering weekend cottages, garden huts, carports and garages. These shingles are aesthetic, reliable and practical. They are also used for new construction as well as for renovation work. Unfortunately, they have a lower life span compared to shale or clay shingles, bitumen shingles should be replaced after 20 to 25 years. The price per square meter for bitumen shingles is favorable, but the lower durability should be included in the cost-benefit calculation.

Laying roof shingles - easy and fast

Bitumen roof shingles are laid on a wooden formwork, which are covered with bitumen roofing membranes in such a way that a watertight under-roof is created. The bituminous membranes are rolled out horizontally and should have an overlap of 10 to 50 cm, depending on the roof pitch. Basically, the flatter the angle of inclination, the greater the overlap. The bitumen shingles are now applied to this substrate. One starts down and works up horizontally row by row. The shingles should overlap slightly and are attached with nails. Care should be taken not to drive the nails too deeply into the material, as the nail holes present potential weak points, it could penetrate water if the nail heads violate the bitumen shingles. The heads of the nails should be flush with the roof shingle surface. The nails are hammered about 2.5 cm from the edge. When the roof ridge is reached in this way, it is sealed with bitumen shingles, which are bent. To bend the shingles, it has been proven to heat them and thereby increase the formability. Also, the ridge tiles are overlapped and attached by nails.

Prices for roof shingles

Especially the roof shingles made of bitumen represent an inexpensive solution for the roofing. The ridge hood of the ONDUVILLA brand with the dimensions 49 x 91 cm in red is offered for example at the Hagebaumarkt in a two-pack for 19.99 euros. This offer also refers to the need for nails. The roof tiles of the same make are also available in the Hagebaumarkt. These are plates measuring 40 x 106 cm, the thickness is 3 mm, the weight is 4 kilos per square meter. One package contains 14 plates and covers 4.34 m². The pact price is 59.99 euros. However, a price comparison on the Internet definitely worth it, because you can make real bargains here, there are very favorable action and special offer prices. This also applies to roof shingles of other materials, with clay shingles, for example, often 2. Wahl products are offered very reasonably priced.

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